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Classification of car covers

According to the fabrics used and the price of the products, there are 3 classes of car covers (A - high, B - medium and C - low).

The car covers class A are more durable over time because they are made of high quality materials. In addition, they are equipped with tightening cord at the base and adjustable belt with buckle - with them the cover is provided with maximum protection against the wind.

Trying to present you with a wide variety of different car cover models, in addition to our "A" class, you will also find on the web site products of cheaper material and even low-cost car covers that may not be our own.

Products from class B - they are a cheaper alternative to class A products. The quality of the materials is higher than that of class C products. However, these car covers are not made of the strongest fabrics. Our TOP car covers (Class A) are the best.

Class C products - these are low quality car covers (Normal cover and Hail protection cover), made by reinforced cotton nylon or thin nylon. Any reasonable customer can figure for themselves about the durability of such a cover over time.

According to the type of cover:
- Normal cover (protects from sunshine, wind, rain, snow, ice, pollution and birds);
- Hail protection cover (also protects against hail).


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