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AutoProtect | Brezent Industry Ltd.
Brezent Industry Ltd. is a long-standing manufacturer of car covers that have no analogue, both on the European and world markets. After expanding our business, we have started to produce covers for all kinds of vehicles, specialized machinery and equipment. Since the beginning of 2018, we have also been producing transparent windproof curtains to enclose outdoor spaces such as restaurants, barbecues, verandas, terraces and more.

With our hail protection covers we have won numerous clients in the US market, where we have long-term partnerships and hundreds of satisfied customers.

According to the fabrics used and the price of the products, there are 3 classes of car covers (A - high, B - medium and C - low). Our Top Covers feature high durability over time as they are made of high quality materials and precise design tailored to the individual characteristics of the particular car.


Car covers manufactureManufacture of car covers
Our production base is located in the town of Pernik, Bulgaria (European Union). We have the capacity to produce 300-500 covers per month, which currently satisfies the needs of our customers at home and abroad. If there are larger orders, we are ready to increase production.
The company has the necessary certificates for the quality of the fabrics used.

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