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How individual fabrics are recognized

The wide variety and abundance of textile fabrics will rightly make it difficult for a layman to find out about their origin and quality when buying an item.

When buying textiles or textiles, we should not rely solely on their appearance. It is most appropriate to buy fabrics from durable quality brands or to seek the advice of specialists. This is especially important for articles made of artificial silk and synthetic fibers. Knowing the origin of the different types of textile fibers that make linen, clothing and other textiles is crucial to the laundry, ironing, cleaning and other treatments that would be subjected to them during use.

The fiber recognition can be done as follows. From the base and weft of the textile product to be processed, 15 to 20 threads are destroyed. If the article is made of homogeneous materials, it is sufficient to carry out only the so-called combustion sample. The way in which a burning cyber dick, a candle (or other flame) is inserted into the flame, and the odor of the gases and other products emitted during combustion can be determined with certainty its origin.


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